Forces and Interactions: Designing a Toy (2018)

NGSS Standard: MS-PS2-3; MS-PS2-5; MS-ETS1-1 


Science and Engineering Practices: Asking Questions; Designing and Carrying Out Investigations


Crosscutting Concepts: Cause and Effect


Year Created: 2018


Phenomena: In a previous lesson, students looked at magnetic toys and asked questions as they used each toy. 


Reflection: This project was created after a training through Golden Apple in Summer 2017. For the lesson, students used magnetic boards - wooden boards with a paperclip attached to a string that appeared to be "floating" due to a magnet at one end of the board - to design an investigation. We walked through much of the questions together, both as a whole class and as a small group. For the future, I will be more explicit in teaching the section on redesign, as many students gave vague answers or answer the sentence frames incorrectly. I will also give students time to redesign their experiment and test again to reinforce the engineering and design cycle. 

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