Newton's Third Law: Egg Drop (2015)

NGSS Standard: MS-PS2-1


Science and Engineering Practices: Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions


Crosscutting Concepts: Systems and System Models


Year Created: 2015


Phenomena: None: see notes on adding phenomena in the future.  


Reflection: This was one of my first forays into combing engineering and science together to create a device that would minimize the impact of an egg dropping. The students enjoyed the experience of working in teams and were challenged by the limitation of supplies. If I were to re-do this project again, I would change the following: 

  • Discuss and explain the criteria and constraints for the project. 
  • Include time at the end for comparison of projects and redesign. 
  • Utilize phenomena to engage students; potentially phenomena could be seat belts or parachutes. 

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